Collaboration BLANLAC x HerbSardinia

This organic dry oil bottle draws its inspiration from the power of aromatic herb varieties and wild scents that grace the land of Sardinia. 

A multi-function dry oil, in a unique cocktail of 100% natural oils for the health and well-being of the skin of your face, body and hair.

It is a real gift for your skin as it delicately hydrates and moisturizes it, leaving you a captivating and natural fragrance of Sardinia. You can use it It is made of pure organic essential oils and are an ode to this untamed nature. 

100% artisanally Made in Italy.


All our cosmetics are made from cruelty-free materials as part of our ethos. Know more about our sustainable materials

Handmade in Italy

The set contains: 

- an organic scrub soap - Sardinian laurel

- an organic soap - Sardinian rosemary and mint

Certified by CCPB (Consortium for Biological Control Products) and are labeled cruelty free and vegan by Peta. These cosmetics are ideal for sensitive skins as they contain no SLS or SLES, no artificial colors, no synthetic perfumes, no parabens, no preservatives or any synthetic component. 


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