BLANLAC is a personal project of passion for the two founding sisters Lydia and Sophia. They dedicate themselves fully in the creation and conceptualization of their designs. Their brand was launched in 2018 with a timeless and feminine collection.                                                                                                                                              

« Elegance is our Italian heritage, shoes and accessories are our passion. There was an opportunity to develop a collection based on feminine, modern and elegant lines combining excellence, craftsmanship, respect for the environment and benevolence towards animals.

Blanlac, vegan shoes, sustainableWe decided to launch BLANLAC and find the concept of responsible beauty in our current lifestyle. We want to offer chic, timeless and everyday shoes inspired by the simplicity of Nature, the beauty of Art, the force of History, the power of Literature, the energy of Music, the scent of flowers…that’s what guides us when we imagine them for you.

Attached to sobriety and lightness, we always look for the little detail that awakes an outfit, the detail that makes the difference, a scalloped edge, a hint of brilliance ...

BLANLAC creations are refined and easy to wear. So enjoy in composing your noble style as much as we took to imagine your shoes ! »