Sustainable sourcing

Our choice is to do things well. It is our sense of duty from which we will never deviate.

We believe that fashion can be sustainable and qualitative without exploiting animals and are committed to provide you with fashion alternatives. We have searched for the best animal free materials and artisan expertise in order to offer you wonderful pieces.

Our strategy is to collaborate with partners towards an ethical approach to promote a positive social and environmental impact. Thanks to them, we have created a beautiful sustainable collection which is respectful to the environment, the people and the animals.


Eco-alter nappa

Our vegan leathers are polymers deriving from recycled & sustainable polyurethane mixed with natural and renewable sources such as cereals coming from no food agriculture. The CO2 emission is equal to zero at production, they are solvant free, and certified by Oeko-Tex. All materials are produced in Italy.

The soft textures, looks and touches are very close to real leathers and make the textiles comfortable to wear. The vegan leathers guarantee very high performance with a proven durability and resistance.

They are breathable, water repellent and antibacterial.

Apple peel leather

A bio-based, vegan leather material derived from industrial apple peel waste sourced from a juicing company based in Tyrol (Italy). The apple peels are dried, reduced to powder and mixed with PU to create a very durable and eco-friendly vegan leather. The apple peel leather is also called « apple Skin », it is breathable, water repellent and antibacterial. Apple skin a USDA Certified BioBased Product & holds the VEGANOK Certificate - International Vegan Standard.


Wood is as soft as leather and supple as fabric. It consists of high-quality veneer that comes exclusively from Italian sustainable forestry. The thin real wood is bonded to a backing of cotton textile and then lasered. The fine engraving gives the wood surface its flexibility.

Cotton & bamboo

They are natural fibers which are resistant, breathable, soft and 100% biodegradable.


Thunit is a special material used for the outsoles that is confusingly similar to animal leather, thus it is both very practical and elegant. Technically, it is rubber and it has a lot of advantages : it is resistant to abrasion, so much more durable and it is water-repellent, so you can enjoy your shoes during rainy or winter weather.


Each buckle of our Liana belts are made with Zamak in Italy. This material is a zinc alloy and has the privilege of being a strong and durable material. Zamak is respectful of the environment and is infinitely recyclable. It is anti-allergic and contains no nickel.


The OEKO-TEX®️ Standard 100 is an independent product label for all types of textiles that guarantees to consumers the absence of harmful substances at levels that can be dangerous to the human body. The material we use have this certification.


The inner lining has the APMA – American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. The label is granted to products found to promote good foot health.


BLANLAC has the highest level of the Animal Free Rating (VVV+) from LAV and the PETA-Approved label. They certify that no animal elements are used for the production of our shoes and accessories.