Italy has several key regions such as Marches, Tuscany, Venetia, Campania, and Lombardy working with a strong reputation in the footwear sector. « Made in Italy » has confirmed itself as a denomination granting fine quality, authenticity and a sense of style worldwide praised. And there are many reasons to buy handmade shoes rather than shoes of industrial make. We have chosen to create a brand of high value, combining the iconic Italian aesthetics with technology and innovation but most importantly, collaborating with amazing craftsmen. Why? 

vegan shoes italy


1 - Quality and excellence

If there is a reason that makes the Made in Italy highly appreciated in the world, this is first of all the quality of the products that comes from an ancient tradition and a shared passion for art, style and "beautiful things" handed down from generation to generation. « Made in Italy » is not just a logo or a "business" but it is above all a lifestyle, a history and a culture which allow BLANLAC to create timeless shoes.


2 - Craftsmanship

BLANLAC collaborates only with family-run workshops. The excellence of Italian shoes is the result of the work of Italian artisans who put passion and enthusiasm into that what are they doing. Italian style has always been and will always remain unique thanks to the artisans who have a creativity that is perhaps impossible to find elsewhere. In the products that they realize, you will be able to perceive a story and the "hands" of those who made them because the craftsman does not produce all the same items as those made in series but exclusive pieces, each pair will have with its own uniqueness. By buying a handmade pair of BLANLAC, you will have a unique piece that can characterize even more your look.


3 - Safety and reliability

Choosing Italian shoes and accessories is safe because Italian producers must apply strict rules. In fact, the country is among those with the highest number of controlled and protected products in Europe.

In the clothing, fashion and accessories sector, the label « Made in Italy » always guarantees the use of natural materials, without dyes or other elements that are dangerous for nature, the territory and the health of those who buy them. To obtain these certifications, therefore, the products pass through strict quality controls at every stage of production.

Obviously the safety and quality of real Italian products is paid a little more; but this is a price you have to pay if you don't want to come across fake items that don't guarantee reliability and quality.


4 - Beware of the fake Made in Italy

Some brands proposing shoes or accessories at a very low price, claim to be Made in Italy. It seems that these ‘Italian’ products are made for a pittance in east European workshops. Manufacturers are able to take advantage of an European loophole known as the « Outward Processing Trade » (OPT) scheme. Under these rules, companies cut parts for the shoes in one country before exporting them to a low-wage economy where they are assembled and sewn. They are then imported back to the original country. Unfortunately, the finished shoes can then be labelled as being made in the original country.


In conclusion, buying a real 100% Italian handcrafted shoes enhances an art form, support creativity and reward an Italian talent! Handmade shoes have now become a luxury of high quality appreciated all over the world and now within everyone's reach. Our BLANLAC vegan shoes are a mix of class, elegance, trend, fashion design and craftsmanship that are then typical expression of « Made in Italy ». Have a look at our vegan collection shoes and accessories!