VALENTINE'S BLANLAC TIP: The wishlist for the perfect gift

Ciao! Here we are again on Valentine’s day… Wheter you celebrate it or not , wheter you have a partner or not… The occasion sounds delicious to indulge yourself (or your beloved one) with some treats. Here is a couple of ideas coming into our minds during those lovely days! 😉 

vegan shoes chaussures vexantes saint Valentin

Red shoes are Belladone, they also exist in powder pink or in navy - 6 cm heels - €270

Peonia, in pink powder - 10 cm heels - €280

Shoes for men - Galaxite in black -  €280

Svevo red dot socks in cotton -  €18

Liana belt - €110 - Other buckles available upon request

Body care box with aromatic herb varieties and wild scents that grace the land of Sardinia - €55

And many other ideas CLICK HERE!