2019 will be a year full of changes, for those who respect the planet and animals but also care about health and well-being. According to The Economist, the well-known British weekly, the vegan choice will be growing strongly from this year.

John Parker explains in an article published on The World in 2019 that a survey showed that a quarter of Americans between 25 and 34 years are vegan or vegetarians and that the vegan meals business is booming.

Veganism is booming and is taking hold so much that a growing number of schools and hospitals are now required to offer vegan meals and even McDonald's have started selling McVegan hamburgers. Sales of vegan food in America since the beginning of the year up to June 2018 have increased tenfold as compared to food sales as a whole. And the giants of food try to win more and more consumers, creating vegan lines and buying start-ups.

Parker underlined the popularity of Beyond Meat, Beyond Burgers and vegan steaks of the Dutch brand Vivera: "If vegetable-based meat grews, it could become a processing technology, improving the heavy diets of Western proteins, reducing the footprint environment of livestock and perhaps even reducing the cost of food in poor countries ".

Rich Hardy, Head of Campaigns of the non-profit Veganuary organization, said: « Vegan is now a word we see and hear everywhere - in shops and restaurants, in people's conversations on the streets, and in newspapers and magazines. It's not hype or a short-term trend (…) We think veganism has reached that point and is now firmly on its way to the mainstream. "

And we are very pleased that 2019 will be the year that will bring changes in everyone 's conscience, and that vegan nutrition will become the main long-term trend.